Do you have a

Wicked Problem?

The Wicked Problem Checklist


Too Many Options

You have analysis paralysis because there are multiple plausible ways to solve the problem.


Success is Unclear

You don't know what you're aiming for, and it is impossible to see if you're heading in the right direction.


A load of complexity

Many interconnected problems that can't be unpicked.


Politics & Conflict

People have contradictory incentives and priorities. No one can agree on how to proceed.


High Risk

The stakes are high, and it is not safe to fail.


Breaking new ground

You're trying to do something new or have a novel set of constraints that no one in your organisation has faced before.

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Wicked Problems

Innovation & Discovery

Identifying and validating new business opportunities

Increasing product performance & profitability

Leveraging and embracing new technologies

Prototyping, testing & validating your ideas

Developing an innovative product or service

Delivery & Execution

Launching a new business

A project or product rescue

Increase employee engagement & performance

Improve customer experience

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