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In business, wicked problems are everywhere.

What’s your wicked problem >

Solving Wicked Problems

Start Up Founder

Wicked Problem
Getting funding for my start-up idea.
Team Lead

Wicked Problem
Keeping my team engaged and productive through the pandemic.
Project Manager

Wicked Problem
Delivering a project that's on time, within budget and is useful to people.
Product Manager

Wicked Problem
My product isn’t performing the way it used to.
Tame your wicked problems with our
(free) 6 week intro program >

3 steps to

Solving Wicked Problems

1. Select a destination
Leverage our tools to analyse where you are and where you want to go.
2. Get directions
We select the best tools, strategies and insights from a range of disciplines.
3. Drive into the sunset
We coach and support you through the program keeping the content up to date as needed.



Canvases & Tools
  • Download all of our canvases and tools to use with your team right away
  • Help inform our content roadmap

Everything in the Free plan, plus:

Canvases & Tools
  • Video walkthroughs
Online Course
  • Introduction to Solving Wicked Problems
    (self paced)
  • Hours of on-demand training content
  • Support via comments
Cost $8.99 a Month
Cost $1.99 a month

Limited to the first 500 subscribers

Everything in the DIY plan, plus:

Canvases & Tools
  • Interactive
Online Course
  • Personalised 6 week program targeted at solving your specific Wicked Problem
    (who with?)
Interactive Coaching
  • 6 group coaching sessions
  • 2 participants per organisation
  • Feedback and guidance from our team of experts
Pro Tools
  • Pro access to Miro to collaborate remotely
  • Pro access to AirTable to track your progress
Cost $1200 – 6 Weeks
Cost $660 – 6 Weeks

Limited to the first 20 subscribers

Everything in the Guided plan, plus:

Canvases & Tools
  • Personalised
Online Course Interactive Coaching
  • Up to 36 hours of private coaching sessions
  • Up to 10 participants per organisation
  • Dedicated Coach
Pro Tools
  • Premium access to Miro to collaborate remotely
  • Premium access to AirTable to track your progress
Starting at $8000
Starting at $3000

Limited to the first 20 subscribers

Courses & Canvases

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